Second revision of ALGaE v0.14 was published.

Second revision of ALGaE v0.14 was published. This version finally solves the problem of ‘Aux’ directories. Under Windows-family operating systems these directories were not correctly unpacked. It was due to the list of restricted names present in DOS-legacy systems. Since this revision, ‘Aux’ directories are named as ‘Auxiliary.’ You can find it in the ‘Download’ page.


Article about the ALGaE software will apear in Microwave Journal.

We are pleased to announce that an article about the ALGaE software was accepted to publication in Microwave Journal. Microwave Journal is one of the most recognized journals for telecommunication engineers. You can read more about this journal here .


New subpage in the toolbox manual

Subpage about LTE scenario files was added today to the website. Main parameters of the LTE transmission, which are given in any LTE scenario structure, are described. You can find the new subpage here.


The new version of the toolbox can be expected soon.

After a longer brake we work again on the ALGaE toolbox. The new version is delayed, but you can expect it soon. You can already notice some changes on the website, new parts of the website (mostly the LTE Academy and the Software Tutorial) will appear every day. I would like to sincerely thank for many e-mails with comments and valuable suggestions.


The LTE tutorial?

When I was writing the ALGaE manual I realized that it would be perfect to refer to some LTE description. Obviously, the official LTE Documentation is the best LTE description and a bible for anyone studying LTE. On the other hand, digging into details of the Physical HARQ Indicator Channel in the LTE document 36.211 might be extremely daunting and usually not necessary. Therefore the new chapter called ‘LTE PHY Tutorial’ which briefly describes the LTE Physical Layer is in preparation. The first part will be available soon…

BTW: The ALGaE manual v 0.02 is available.



The very first version of the software manual is available to download

The very first version (0.01) of the software manual with basic usage of the ALGaE toolbox is available to download. Input and output of the LTE_DL1a function which generates the LTE downlink baseband signal are decribed. First simple tutorial is also added to the file. The manual is available here.


Implementation status available

There was a subpage about implementation status added today to the “About” page. Brief overview of the LTE Downlink, with information about already implemented parts and parts which will be implemented in the next release is available there. You can find it here .

Important question can be given: In which direction the toolbox will go in the nearest future? To be honest, it depends entirely on users and feedback from the community. It is sure however, that in the next release 2 new functions will be added: LTE radio frequency signals generator and Trans. Diversity part of the PHY layer.

Have a nice weekend!


ALGaE 0.14 released.

Very first version of the toolbox (v. 0.14) is now available to download. In the next couple of days Software Manual and Implementation Status will be published. Please notice that GUI is optimized for MAC OS X only (Linux and Windows support is planned to be added soon). Enjoy.


‘Software overview’ section is available

Today we made the ‘Software overview’ section available. You can find it in About->Software overview. The section gives general information about the software.


The website has just started.

We are pleased to announce that today, on a rainy Monday morning, this website was started. We are constantly working towards making the website valuable…

The website is dedicated to a GPL-licensed, MATLAB(r) based software which is able to generate LTE signals. The software’s main aim is to serve as a virtual LTE signal generator for any researcher or engineer who is interested in the LTE technology. The software is developed with compatibility with the official LTE specification in mind. See the ‘About’ page for more info.

The whole software is GPL-licensed, which means that it is free to download and use. You can download the software from the ‘Download’ page. Authors hope that it will be useful, but they do not give any warranty. For more info about licensing see the GPL license site (link in a menu on the left).

If you are interested in a structure of the software you can find it in the ‘Nuts and Bolts’ page. This website aims to be a reference for anyone who wants to know more about the LTE technology. You can find LTE tutorials in the ‘Nuts and Bolts’ page.

The software was developed by Jacek Pierzchlewski, who is a PhD fellow at the Aalborg University, Denmark (see the ‘Authors’ page), under the supervision of prof. Torben Larsen. Jacek also maintains this website. If you have any questions, comments or you are willing to cooperate, you are more than welcome to contact him direclty at jap(at)es_aau_dk (treat the underscores as dots).